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 Posted: Sat Apr 11th, 2020 09:19 pm
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Alan Sewell


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Hi Reg

I look forward to seeing the “funky” when you can find and scan the photo.

Always thought Bar Mills kits were a bit East Coast for me,
but seems I was wrong.

However I do not need any more non-industrial structures at present,
and even of those I only really need some detailing,
and a few to change the time frame as required.

However I will be interested to see how he Idaho Hotel turns out.
Sure it will look good.

Must be slightly annoying to have done the work on the work area,
and then find it is too cool to work in.

Given that you can heat the space I find that preferable to being too warm.

We have had a couple of days of warm weather here,
and the loft space has got quite hot.

Not too hot to “play trains” but a bit warm for any work!!!

Oh and yes the photos arrived OK.

Best wishes


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