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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2020 04:42 pm
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Reg H

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So... if you look back at previous posts,
the few dealing with the construction of the first Kadee log car,
you will note that I dropped the brake wheel from the kit and could not locate it.

I spent a considerable amount of time crawling around on the floor and finally gave up. 
I dug into my collection of detail oddments and located a brake wheel,
though of a more modern design.

I was cleaning up the machine shop a bit yesterday,
picking some swarf off the welding table, and spotted this.

Yep.  The brake wheel.

Now, I lost it in the model shop,
which is at the far end of the basement.
To get to the welding table involves walking the full length of the basement,
climbing the stairs, crossing the laundry room, entering the shop,
and walking the full length of the shop (a single car garage).  

First, I can't think of why I would have done that all in one trip. 
Second, that the brake wheel clung to my clothes
(the only possible explanation) all that distance.

Very strange.


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