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 Posted: Wed Apr 29th, 2020 08:22 pm
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" A way's to go yet before track gets laid and something can be run across the bridge.  :bg: "

Hi Ken  :wave:

We want ... more ... More ... MORE ... MORE !!  :old dude:

Oh come on Ken, how much patience do you think I've got !  :time: ;)

I can see that there's some old Argentinian track, on the new Canadian bridge ...

... go on ! ... get the 50-Ton 'Hand of God' steam-crane out & snap a loco on it !!  :bg:

That is a pretty impressive quick move, from foam to Frocks(TM).  [whack]

I wanna know more about these 'Frocks' ...  ???

... I've always thought folks 'Frocks' looked good & 'plaster-less' gets my  :thumb:  any day.

Question is ? ... Do you add a little bit of plaster etc. over the 'Frock' ?  ???

I know some 'Frocks' are 100% 'squishable' ...

... & can take anything you wanna throw at 'em !  :bang:

:java: :moose: :dt:



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