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 Posted: Wed Apr 29th, 2020 08:43 pm
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Ken C

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After ripping and tearing the foam,

I coat them with soupy texture plaster.

The Frocks remain flexible after drying.

I also trim as much as possible from the back,

to reduce amount of plaster I need to blend them in.

For strata rock's, I slice and dice with a sharp knife,

before the ripping and tearing, great to do in front of the TV.

The right side Frock was done with a wire brush in the drill,

different texture but not the easiest method or safest!  :bang:

Will not do that way again.  :td:

There is a YouTube video on Frock's, worth a watch.  :2t:

Google "Frocks" should get you there.  :moose:  :moose:

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