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 Posted: Sat May 2nd, 2020 01:22 am
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Tony M

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Hi all

Hope everyone is ok, been a while since my last update.

The new bridge design is coming along nicely,
I have cut the main arch sections and joined them together,
a lot of sanding to do once the bridge is finished.

Friday I marked the arch ends ready to be cut out, hopefully today,
not sure because it is very windy and cold here, can't win.

I wont cut in the wind, have a new jig-saw, and will take a while to get used to,
has more grunt than my old electric one had, no more leads to get in the way.

The first two pics of different angles,
taken of the main arch standing up, very happy indeed.

Should be a pretty strong arch when temperamentally screwed together.
I have to measure each half of the arch to be 6 foot in length, making them 12 feet.

The third pic, a side drawing of the end section of the arch.

Forth and fifth pic of the arch with the end sections,
luckily I set up a mock-up because the angle of the end section wasn't as steep.

I hope to get the four end sections on one piece,
the only way to do that is not have the side beam as long,
cutting the length back to two feet. 

I will wait till it starts to warm up, and get the two off-cut ply out,
and draw the end sections to see if I can.
Want the other piece for straight sections if I need them.

Have shifted the spiral to make the single track longer, same with the reverse loops,
they need to be long enough to fit the length of my trains,
most blocks are 30 feet long.

Final pic of the end full size scale drawing of the arch, 2 foot from rail deck.

Si. do you think that bloke be able to parachute from the top of my bridge,  :moose:  :) 
4 foot height from water line, no idea how high in 1.1 scale.

Tony from cold down under.

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