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 Posted: Sat May 2nd, 2020 05:57 pm
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" Si. do you think that bloke be able to parachute from the top of my bridge,  :moose:  :) 
4 foot height from water line, no idea how high in 1.1 scale. "

Hi Tony  :wave:

I guess that would depend on if it was a suicide attempt  :w:... or a base-jump !  :us:

Perhaps flippers & a snorkel, might be a better option, rather than a parachute !  :shocked:

Or maybe a hang-glider ?  ???

The French 'Millau Viaduct' is rather a great opportunity for 'human bird brains' !  ;)

I'd love to jump off it myself ...  :thumb:

... the French cows down bellow, are really sick of having idiots land on them, so I hear !  :P

:moose:  [toast]



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