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 Posted: 5 May 2020 05:43 pm
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OK, in Tenere they made incredible cave-paintings some time ago,
and I pay credit to all those who still cling to these techniques nowadays.

But this thread is about paper-cutting machines, CAD,
and now the newest, laser cutting.

Having seen a video on YouTube featuring a small 'Insma' 3000mW laser engraver/cutter,
they sell at Bangood for roughly 100 bucks, I ordered one,
which cost me 110€ +13.20€ customs.

It arrived today,
and I proudly present you the first window frames,
cut from 0.5mm architectural cardboard:

The windows are 1cm x 1cm in size.
This fine structure cannot be achieved with a cutter.

I still have to figure out how to set the correct '.dxf' file format,
the software that comes with it can manage.

It will lead to a better cut of the vertical lines.
The drawing it worked from was a standard '.bmp'.

Regards, H.
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