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 Posted: Wed Jul 15th, 2020 09:30 pm
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For a contest I'm building a diorama.

Rules of the contest are that the footprint size is A4 (210 x 297mm)
and the height is also limited to 297mm.
A background is not allowed.

You can choose any subject and scale that you want.

Sadly it is not allowed to post any pictures here until the contest has finished,
so be patient for the next 15/16 months.

I have chosen to build mine in 1:43 scale this time.
I have no name for it yet.

I can tell what I want to build,
but I prefer to show some prototype pictures that I use as inspiration or direct models.

This is a Ruston Hornsby locomotive.
If I'm correct these are built in a few different sizes.

While I build mine I realised that my model is a bit too high.
But I didn't change it.

A slate wagon.
What more can I say.

I try to scratch build as much as possible.
So far I didn't manage to make wheels by myself.
I tried to round some plastic pieces with the Dremel on sandpaper.
That didn't work.  It wasn't square, but it was not round either.
Perhaps my Dremel axle is a little bit wobbly.

Something else that I don't even going to try are the figures.
Sculpting is not my thing.  So I ordered some.

For the loco I have used my paper-cutter (Silhouette Curio) to make the parts.
The underframe is from styrene.  Most of the other parts are paper.
I used the same materials for the wagons.

That's it so far.
Maybe I can show a little bit of the techniques I use, but that won't be much.


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