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 Posted: Fri Jul 24th, 2020 09:15 pm
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Thanks guys.

It will take a while until I can post some more photo's of the diorama itself.


Thanks for the link.

I didn't even know that there are models made of this, they are not expensive either.
But I already made my own cars.

The only cost I had on these were for the wheelsets, about 2 Euro.
And of course some basic material.

Today I want to show you how I make some hooks.
It could be for the cars or a crane.

I start with a piece of solid wire.
I show something with copper wire, used for electricity in the house.

In the last photo I show a hook from a different material, not sure what it is.
It was from an old transformer, out of a computer?


The most important thing is that the wire is solid, and is a bit soft and easy to bend.

First I hammer down one end until it is flat.
On a vice or some other strong flat metal.  Or an anvil if you have one.


Next step is to drill a little hole in the flat part.
As close to the round part as possible because of the bending.

After this step I thought that it maybe is better to start with the bending as the first step,
but I haven't tried that yet.

If the material is soft enough you can also punch a hole with a small nail and a hammer.
It helps to hold the wire with a clamp.

Shape the end until is round.
Maybe even shorten the flat part a bit.

Then bend the wire in the form of a hook.

Cut it to length.
Now it starts to look right.

Hammer down this part too.
After that you can't change the shape, so be sure you like it.

Now cut the point to shape,
and file it all down until you're satisfied.

For the size.
It is a bit too large for 1:43

The last photo with the other hook.

That material has some kinda red coating on it.
Most of it is gone, but there are still some red spots left.

Sorry for the bit blurry photo's,
but you get the idea.


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