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 Posted: Sun Aug 16th, 2020 12:33 pm
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" I like the finished look on your wall,

and especially where it looks like moss has been growing "

Hi Alwin  :wave:

I agree with Kevin !  :thumb:

Great 'micro detailing' ! !  :cool:

This is the kinda thing that really helps peoples modelling ...  :)

... the finish on something ordinary & easily available, like foam-sheet.

Certainly the sort of thing I would like to know, when reaching for paint etc.  :shocked:

The 'crack' effect works really well with the foam-sheet also ... & nice weathering !  :thumb:

Good to see ^^ these Posts here Alwin ... without giving the game away on the whole  TOP SECRET  model !  :Salute:

I'm HOOKED !  :doh:

5 Mooses ... with big coffees & sticky-tape ! !   :old dude:

:java::moose:  :java::moose:  :java::moose:  :java::moose:  :java::moose:  :dt:



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