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 Posted: Thu Sep 17th, 2020 06:58 pm
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Possibly the 1st train controller I ever had ? ...  :old dude:

... or something  'Tri-ang'  that looked very similar.  L:

Until my Dad :mex: invested some real  BIG $$$ DOUGH  :shocked: :shocked:  in a pair of 'H&M' Clippers !!

Transformerless, I've no idea what powered the NEW shinny 'H&M' controllers ?  :us:

Possibly the 16 Volt A.C. output of the old 'Tri-ang' ! :!:

All that DANGEROUS:w:$4!7  was hidden well away under the benchwork. :us:

Come on ... I was only about 5 years old ! at the time ...

... didn't learn to solder until I was at least as old as  Adrian Mole !  :P

:!::java: ;)



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