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 Posted: Fri Sep 25th, 2020 11:24 pm
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Alan Sewell


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Hi Anthony

Good to see another Member modeling logging railroads and in the Pacific Northwest.

Your scenery looks pretty good and it’s nice someone is using Vancouver Island as a prototype.
I had a couple of holidays on the island and it is a stunning area.

I notice you are using disconnects and I know it is your railroad,
but you could bear in mind that by the mid 1920’s BC Government regulations stated,
that trains on all logging railroads had to have 85% of cars with air brakes.
And disconnects do not have air brakes.

I Turner’s “Logging By Rail" he quotes the 1924 return of 70 logging shows which had,
305 flat cars, mostly on Comox, 1237 skeleton connected cars, and 500 disconnects.

You might be interested in my posts in the 'Logging & Mining' Forum under “Diesel Logging Railroads",
and also Reg Hearn’s Thread on his "Henderson Bay Timber Co." in the same Forum.

Look forward to seeing how your layout develops.

Best regards

Alan Sewell

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