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 Posted: Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 09:56 am
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Hi Ken, all,

I'm glad someone else is "taking a different slant on things" when it comes to modelling.


OK now where was we??
Lets' have a look at the module map to refresh ourselves -

Previously most of the focus was on the Bottom End, Incline and Top end modules.
Landscaping and vegetating the Dead End Module was covered in Post 189.

Now the focus moves to the Water Tank module. 

This module has 3 main structures on it.
The water tank itself, an ash pit and the sand drying shed (for locomotive sand).

A single-holer outhouse might also magically appear later
(It has been made just not "planted" in its final position yet)
The crew has been "watering" enough bush.

So what makes a water tank so interesting?
It is perhaps the signature scene of the whole layout.

Where else could you find this - 

This module has only 3 operational tracks:

1 - the track from the Trestle module and then on to the mine from the left.

2 - the empty skip track with water tank and ash heap,
where the steam loco waits for enough empty skips to come back up the empties incline,
to make a load for the run back to the mine.

3 - the full skip track,
the battery electric locomotive waits for the next load of skips from the mine to arrive,
and the steam loco to go in clear at the water tank.

That ought to do to get us started on the Water Tank module.

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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