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 Posted: Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 08:53 pm
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Hi Ken, all

You are seeing far more in that photo than I can.
I can see drums, an ash-heap and some tools lying on the ash heap.

So far the evidence points to "Burra" and the rest of the Corrimal locos,
being "hand coaled" from coal skips.

We have a photo of one coal skip being left parked near the locoshed.
It would be very easy to grab "a lump or 2" from the loaded skips,
parked on the adjacent fulls line near the water tank.

We have also been unable to find any fixed watering points near the mine or loco shed,
in any of the photos we have looked at over the years while researching/building the layout.
So it looks like all watering and fire-cleaning was done at or near the water tank.

The former vertical boiler opens another can of worms.
The boiler is not listed as being part of the Powerhouse boilers at the main "Daylight" portals.
However there are photos of a vertical boiler at the foot of the incline.
The boiler looks operational in those photos over a protracted period.

But there is no apparent reason for the vertical boiler at the foot of the incline,
given that the incline rope was driving the elevating conveyor from the tipple and screens.
Also in every known photo of the tipple and screens there is no sign of an exhaust steam plume.

Here's a photo of the model vertical boiler at the foot of the incline.

The suspicion is the "water tank" was an earlier operational vertical boiler at the foot of the incline,
that has been "repurposed" after its internal condition deteriorated to the extent,
that it couldn't safely hold enough pressure to do its "mystery" job.

Just where it came from, When it arrived on site and when it was "repurposed",
are all lost in the mists of time.

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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