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 Posted: Sat Feb 6th, 2021 03:48 pm
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Stan S

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I know this has been discussed at length but here goes ...

There is quite a bit of info here and in other online communities,
about adding 'Keep-Alives' to Bachmann Porters with sound.

Larry Knapp, Verne Niner and others, have provided lots of help.

What I haven't been able to find,
is anyone who has connected a 'Keep-live' to a non-sound Bachmann Porter.

I found one series of posts from someone who attempted it,
then "bricked" the decoder and bailed-out.

For a whole host of reasons that don't really matter, I would like to do this,
but I have so far been unsuccessful determining the connection points.

The headlight output (function +) is easy, but the decoder common (Ground) is elusive.

I have followed Marcus Ammann's guidance,
and can measure 12V D.C. from the bridge-rectifier diodes to the function common,
but connecting the 'Keep-Alive' this way, only keeps the headlight on, not the motor.

Has anybody done this?


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