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 Posted: Mon Feb 8th, 2021 08:11 pm
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" Take the SMD-tantalum-capacitor's (the yellow capacitor) -V tab "

Hi Stan  :!::brill:

BOY ! ... Those SMD capacitors are HUGE !!  :shocked:


Helmuts  'Find The 0-Volts Plan'  is a good one.  :thumb:

There is very likely only one BIG polorized-capacitor, on any small PCB circuit.

The  -V  zero-Volts point on these  (most often yellow)  'solid' SMD tantalum capacitors ...

... being the UNMARKED -V end-tab  (the +V end-tab is the MARKED one on these).

The opposite way of marking, compared to an 'electrolytic' polorized-capacitor.


'Common' or 'zero-Volts' or '-V' is a less confusing term than 'Ground' ...  L:

... as of course none of it is in fact 'Grounded' at all ! 




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