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 Posted: Mon Feb 8th, 2021 09:00 pm
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" I have followed Marcus Ammann's guidance,
and can measure 12V D.C. from the bridge-rectifier diodes to the function common,
but connecting the 'Keep-Alive' this way, only keeps the headlight on, not the motor."

Hi Stan  :wave:
Arh ... yes ... I just read this again.  :doh: :java:

The 'Stay-Alive' would need to be connected BEFORE the bridge-rectifier & capacitor.

The motors +/- polarity in 'old skool' D.C. operation, changes with loco direction.

I have never fitted a 'Stay-Alive' to anything before & know little about them. :us:

Do they have some kind of rectifier diodes of their own in there ...  ???

... to protect the 'Stay-Alive' from reversed polarity & damage ?

This is a circuit schematic for a 'DIY' stay-alive & there are NO protection rectifier diodes.  L:




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