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 Posted: Sun Feb 14th, 2021 12:25 am
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Nice Guy Eddie

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Hi Tushar

Good to see you Posting here on Freerails.

Fantastic looking model building & design work.
Great to see your prototype & model photos side by side.

Our dedicated Freerails tankcar fans, are sure to love it !

The very long Page scroll, was caused by the Auto-CAD image in Post-3.
Once in a very rare blue moon, we get an image that appears Posted like that.

Your other 2 Posted JPG photos, as you can see, are both appearing just fine.
It may be how you did it, or the image itself, or maybe an odd connection ?

In any case, we are able to optimize such things, for best presentation.

What was the file format & size of the image, was it a PNG or large Bitmap ?
Have another go at Posting it, we can always move it or erase it if needed.

All the best


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