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 Posted: Sun Feb 14th, 2021 01:53 am
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Nice Guy Eddie

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Hi Tushar

It's been rarely, that an image appears as text/characters like that.
So rarely in fact, that we can't say what caused it for certain.

It will probably turn out fine when re-Posted.

Generally speaking, it is good to make multiple Posts anyway,
rather than spending hours, typing it all down in 1 Post,
& then finding your Browser dumps it all !

If a single Post even contains as little as 1 photo & description,
then Pages are kept to a sensible size & load FAST as well.

Freerails is often complimented, on its SPEED in loading Pages,
by many Members, who are still on copper connection Internet.

Not having a zillion needless plugins, Facebook trash & YouTube boxes,
of course helps, seeing trains & not loads of ads. is also a relief !

Posts & new Pages are FREE on Freerails,
& don't even waste paper !

Probably a computer error ?
As they say !



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