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 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 08:41 am
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The circuits attached, show the basic run and charge modes.

The DPTT centre-off switch can switch the polarity on the rails,
the LM2596 and DPDT switch are trackside,
the rest of the circuit is on the loco.

Top diagram shows RUN mode, the battery is connected to the MT3608,
which supplies the receiver with 15V. 

When charge is complete,
the DPDT can be switched to OFF, and the loco driven away.

When loco is needing a charge, it is driven onto the track,
and the DPDT switched to charge (bottom diagram),
when charged the DPDT can be switched to OFF. 

The loco is now isolated with no drain on the battery,
and can be lifted off and stored, or left on the track until needed.

To switch loco ON, set DPDT to RUN, the return DPDT to OFF,
loco is now ON and can be driven off.

The battery is 2-cell and has built in protection,
for overcharge, undercharge and over temperature.

I have two locos modified with this circuitry and to date no problems.
I will be happy to answer questions and supply more details.

Regards to all.


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