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 Posted: Thu Mar 4th, 2021 08:35 pm
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Hi Oz.  :cool:

I just LLUUVV  :pimp:  this water-tank !

" ... the battery electric locomotive waits for the next load of skips from the mine to arrive,
and the steam loco to go in clear at the water tank.

That ought to do to get us started on the Water Tank module "

HOLY COW ! ... There's a WATER TANK module !!  :shocked:

Now I know Canadian Ken likes water tanks.  :P

I still figure a water tank should be on my lllooonnnggg to-do list.  :time:

Oz. H2O ?  ???

John has let me into a little secret as well ...  :old dude:

... there is a Corrimal battery electric locomotive :!: under development !

Will it need to stop at the water tank, to get its cells topped up ...
... my Dad always used water de-frosted from the fridge ... de-ionized !  :brill:


:java::moose: :dt:



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