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 Posted: Sat Mar 13th, 2021 01:50 pm
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Some years ago, purchased a Kawai ?? brass switcher that looked "wrong".

At close inspection,
I found that they had the smart idea to use existing ALCO roadswitcher tooling,
and put the cab + long hood on a shorter frame, deleting the short hood.

The roadswitcher AAR trucks were kept underneath.

Not bad,
what immediately gave the secret away was the round radiator fan,
switchers had a rectangular one.

I painted frame + trucks flat black, superstructure glossy black.

Then replaced the BIG open frame motor with a Chinese can motor,
kept everything else - gears, driveshaft etc.

Only added wipers to the insulated wheels, the usual Redneck way....

I glue some scrap pieces of styrene to the appropriate location on the truck,
then form a nickel-silver wire, put it in place and heat it with a soldering gun,
so it melts into the surface of the polystyrene (visible on the right truck). 

Attempts to attach wire by gluing for a professional look have failed regularly.

Decoder is hovering on its wires, to avoid the heat of the motor.

If looking closely, the left truck shows one solid and one insulated wheel.... 
Caused some choice words when I put her on the programming track,
and got an error message!  


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