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 Posted: Tue Mar 30th, 2021 02:10 pm
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Had a 3D-print of a railcar.
I think the designer is a member of this Forum, but forgot who?

It's roughly patterned after John Allens 'Gasatronic'.
But I think it's a little small compared to my other gas-electrics.

I need some transport for mine workers on my future narrow gauge layout anyway,
so I plan to put it on a custom HOn3 chassis.

First attempt to primer it ended in disaster,
something was wrong with the primer and it turned out grainy... 

Fortunately, I know already that those Shapeways prints,
may be washed in acetone without damage (ask me why I know).

Then was miffed up of spraying, and painted it with a brush, with Revell colors.
I am quite happy with the different shades of brown that resulted.

Roof is still missing paint, radiators, exhaust and other small details. 

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