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 Posted: Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 09:57 am
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Steve Soar


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Prototype of a charging system,
using loco buffers, in contact with a buffer-stop. 

3 position switch selects :-   Charging / Off / Run
Buffer-stop has small (3mm dia. x 3mm long) mobidium magnets,
to couple with mild steel buffers on the loco,
which connect to the onboard circuit board.

If the charger is set to 'Charging', and the loco runs at low speed onto the buffer-stop,
the loco switches off as soon as it makes contact with the buffer-stop, and charges up.

After charging, the switch is set to 'Run', and the loco powers up and can be driven off.
The onboard circuitry is quite simple, and I will post a diagram if anyone is interested.

I am also making a 'battery wagon',
this will have a larger battery, charger circuit and magnetic buffers,
so that charging can be done anywhere on track.

Hope the photo is clear, please ask questions.

Best wishes 

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