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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 09:22 pm
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Hi all

Canfor/Western Forest Products Englewood speeders 123, 124 and 129,
were built by Hays Gibson around 1947.

123 and 124 were built new for Canfor, and 129 came second hand.

They were built to standards laid down by British Columbia Department of Railways,
governing speeders on logging railroads.

This included fitting airbrakes, safety glass and sanding gear,
and improved ride by ensuring adequate wheel base etc.

They had to be painted in a high visibility color (yellow),
and fitted with two head lamps to distinguish them from locomotives at night.

Speeders were an improvement over converted box cars for crew comfort,
and also when fitted with couplers could be used for light switching.

I saw #123 and 129 (converted for MoW) at Nimpkish and 124 stored at Woss in 2006,
and they were used up to the end of the railroad in 2017.

I attach a photo I took in 2006.

I missed seeing them arrive as my wife and I were down on the lakeside,
looking at the remains of the 1940’s log dump.

A missed opportunity I guess.

Best Regards

Alan Sewell

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