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 Posted: Wed Apr 7th, 2021 01:39 pm
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An effective method, and taking up less space,
was the RF-ionizer once sold by 'Relco' in the UK.

I still have one of these,
and it is rather effective in bridging dirty spots.

Excerpt from their website:

In the late 1970s the first consumer product utilizing RF technology,
was developed and marketed – The 'Relco Track Cleaner' for model railways.

This product was demonstrated on the BBC TV programme “Tomorrows World”,
consequently it became hugely popular between model railway enthusiasts,
within Europe, North America and Australia.

BUT there are caveats:

They bake the dirt onto rails and wheels if you don't do regular cleaning maintenance.
They will damage DCC decoders and coreless motors, due to the 50V RF voltage.

Now imagine what your proposed ignition-coil circuit will do to your locos!

Regards, H.
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