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 Posted: 16 Apr 2021 05:53 pm
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Alan Sewell


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In spite of the largely humorous comments in this thread that the speeders etc.
were dangerous and thrown together by the mill blacksmith from old bus parts,
most of this is largely untrue.

By the 1940s there were State and Federal safety rules governing speeders and transport of crew.
This did not mean logging or logging railroads were/are without dangers, and accidents happen,
but a speeder was certainly safer and more comfortable than riding a flat car.

Gibson and Skagit built a range of speeders “built for loggers use – to stand loggers abuse”,
and these were sometimes modified by the larger company shops.
This included adding a body of varying states of beauty.

The speeder in the last post probably started as a Skagit MAC 6-40 built with a high cab,
and possibly with just as a flat body as this Schafer version.
(although this does not have the high cab)


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