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 Posted: Tue Apr 20th, 2021 08:06 pm
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Kitbash0n30 wrote:
Somewhere on the shelf is a book about Baldwin diesel locomotives,
where a paragraph or caption about giving one straight pipes like that,
does indeed use the "hotrod" phrase.

There goes the story,
that when old Santa Fe M-190, still had its distillate engine with multiple carburetors, 
the guys who operated it, pulled the camshaft after the last run,
and had its lobes welded up by the local rod shop, during the wee hours of the night.

Apparently, the experiment was successful,
and they returned with a broad grin from the first trip.

And it is told, the roof of the carbarn, several times caught fire,
when flames shot out of those pipes, when starting her. 

Model looks straight off the pages of a 1950 - 70s Model Railroader
In the era when people built their own models because ... building stuff !

Best praise I heard in a long time.
That's what I had in mind.

Thanks !


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