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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2021 03:08 pm
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Steve P

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Hi all,

We just had another 10" of heavy wet snow last nite,
it will be awhile till I can get back out there. 

I have been busy this winter building the electronics. 

I have assembled the mcus and LED controller (signals, lights, etc.)
for all 8 of the areas (Omaha thru L.A.) planned for the complete setup. 

Placed them in a beater rack, assembled from scrap in the shed. 

The first also has a prototype turnout controller.
Will be doing a production run of another 10 soon.

Everything is connected from JMRI thru the mcus via Ethernet/Wi-Fi and TCP. 

To review: 

Everything is controlled with homebrew LCB/LCC programs, looking like: 
JMRI <TCP> LCC Hub <TCP> [8 x OpenMRN based gateways] <TCP> [8 x Mcus] 

JMRI has no idea where the Gateways/mcus are located. 

As I build out sections of track,
the controlling hardware will be moved from the inside, to the site. 

Having it all connected and running now allows me to design all the JMRI panels. 
This allows me to test the complete system from the get-go.

The pic. on the left is the rack with all 8 controllers.
The pic. on the right is a 0.96" OLED display I found on Amazon,
at $2.90 each I couldn't resist! 

The 1st top yellow line shows status. 
The 2nd line shows state of each turnout.
The 3rd shows block occupancy.

Beaver Lode Railway
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