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 Posted: Tue Jun 1st, 2021 12:56 pm
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WOW ! ... Only $2,370 ... But it's SOLD already.  :f:

Oh well ... I just 'acquired' a 'West Coast' modular-synthesizer ...  :cool:

... & I'm told I shouldn't forget about important things, like FOOD ! (& coffee !)  :java: :P

It seems to me the tender trucks/sideframes ^^ are the wrong ones for a Narrow Gauge loco.  ???

It's difficult to be 100% certain, but they look like plastic, with HO Standard Gauge spacing.  L:

Tender 8-wheel electrical pickup, has been (retro ?) fitted, with 'single wheel' axle insulation ?  :!:

My observation about this No.491 tender trucks/sideframes ^^ is the same as the other loco.

Can't quite see from the above photo, if there are tender wheel electrical pickups installed ?  ???

Whether brass or plastic trucks, the sideframe spacing looks like HO Standard Gauge to me.

Did both of these locos, originally have brass Narrow Gauge tender trucks ?

:java: L:



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