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 Posted: Sun Jun 13th, 2021 03:07 pm
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And, a pic of my LMB Mc Keen... 

A crude model, initially powered by,
a balky vertical shaft three pole motor on the rear truck...

The front truck has a rubber belt drive,
to the exposed fake gasoline motor flywheel. 

I replaced the power truck,
with an Bachmann truck from a 44-Ton G.E.

Built a radiator from cooling coils left over from a Swiss "Gotthardt" boxcab,
and put it behind the pilot in the correct position.

Also created a trailer by doing a resin copy and joined the two rear halves  back to back.

A future project is to fabricate an McKeen that was converted to gas electric drive,
with a Baldwin front truck, roof mounted radiators and prominent exhaust stacks.

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