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 Posted: Sun Jun 20th, 2021 07:04 am
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Hi Murray

Some more information might help get you some better answers.

What brand of O-gauge boxcar are you starting with?
What brand of O-scale truck are you planning to put under them?

There is something I'm missing,
what is the difference between your definition of O-gauge versus O scale?
They should be both 1/48 scale??

Why the need to swap out the trucks?
If the boxcars were 3-rail with un-insulated wheels and axles,
and if
there is no difference in how far apart the rails are,
then surely all you have to do,
is swap out non-insulated wheels, for 2-rail insulated wheels?

Make yourself a foam cradle to support your O-scale boxcars.
This should support your boxcars upside-down while you work on them.

Let us know how you go.

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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