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 Posted: Mon Jun 21st, 2021 09:21 pm
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Thanks for responding to my post.
You can tell I'm a neophyte in O-scale 1:48

To me O-gauge is 3-rail & O-scale is 2-rail.

I prefer O-scale. 
It looks more realistic to me than 3-rail O-gauge.

I have a Lionel box car. I could remove the wheels,
and exchange them for more suitable wheels.
I'm using Code-100 track.

After removing the trucks, I still need to figure out,
how to mount Kadee O-scale couplers to a smaller truck.
Unless Kadee manufactures trucks with O-scale couplers ready to go.

I hope this clears up my not so well expressed thoughts.
I wrote my mail with the view someone already invented the wheel,
and could pass on their experiences.


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