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 Posted: Tue Jun 22nd, 2021 11:44 pm
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Hi Murray

Not having used any of these,
please take what follows as possible avenues for investigation,
rather than a hard recommendation.

Kadee do O-scale couplings and body-mounts,
but do not do any O-scale standard-gauge bogies - see:

However Atlas do make a range of Talgo-type bogies
(with coupling mounted on the bogie or truck)
however these appear to be fitted with 3-rail (conductive) wheels only.

A large amount of the styles appear to be out of stock at the moment. Go to:

However the 3-rail Andrews truck, and 2-rail Andrews truck both appear to be in stock.
Swap the 2-rail wheels into the 3-rail frames and the 3-rail wheels into the 2-rail frames,
as either as a flat car load or as scenery items clear of the track.

A better more flexible option that could go under a wider range of box cars,
would have been the 2-rail 70-ton roller bearing or 50-ton Barber trucks,
fitted with their Adjust-a-coupler knuckle coupling.

This would have given you the ability to adjust for any mismatch in the distance,
from the bogie pivot to the end of the car, between Lionel and Atlas boxcars.
But these 2-rail bogies are out of stock currently.

With the Lionel rivets being cut away to get the Lionel bogies off,
you will need to use a new bolt and washers to secure the bogies to your box car.
This will be a measure-to-fit and might be available cheaper through a hardware store,
rather than using the dedicated "hobby" type bolts as supplied by Atlas/Lionel/etc.

I hope that this helps get your thinking started.

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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