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 Posted: 13 Jul 2021 11:29 am
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oztrainz wrote: 
Lee - you're working your fireman too hard. 

Yep, but photos of the ET&WNC in that timeframe show some so-so firing.

I'm pretty familiar with steam engines
(I volunteer on a local tourist RR, their 2-8-2 going through a rebuild right now)
so yes, it makes me cringe to see thick smoke, but most "normal" people expect it.

I take these shots over long exposures with a tight apertures,
with a cone covered in cotton and painted black for the smoke.

I hover it over the stack, shaking it on all axis to blur it,
then removing to make it translucent to a degree.

The longer it's there, the worse the firing looks.

I've seen some really bad Photoshop smoke online and in magazines,
and when I do it, it's clear it's in the photo,
as the foreground and background stuff makes it obvious.

It also casts shadows as real smoke does,
which Photoshop smoke clearly cannot.

I have yet to figure out how to make it trail off and dissipate,
as it does behind a real locomotive in motion,
but I like the effect anyway.

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