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 Posted: Fri Jul 23rd, 2021 07:20 pm
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Work continues on the CC&W RR.

This is the water tank for the boiler,
with a pipe going from one to the other. 

The tank was made from card,
covered in scale 1x6's stained and weathered.

The water pipe came from a piece of stripped wire,
weathered and glued in place.

The platform was constructed from scale 6x6's,
stained and weathered also.

The tarp was made from a 1 ply paper towel,
cut and colored with chalk.

The fence was constructed from scale 6x6's and 2x12's.

Everything was painted and weathered,
then placed in the ground and glued.

This is the next building which is the company store.

The store was constructed from foam core,
with windows and door from Grandt Line painted.

The siding is O scale paper siding,
printed out and lapped when applied.

The foundation was colored with chalks.

The porch and steps were made from scale lumber painted grey.
The roof is card with weathered paper roofing lapped also.

The ground cover is a layer of sand,
with grey ballast applied on top for a gravel look.

Bushes and weeds were also applied. 

The building works for now,
but at a latter time I may replace the building with wood construction,
using the same footprint but in a two story version, but we'll see.

That's it so far.

The next building will be of wood construction and highly detailed,
then it's on to the foreground to catch up with the back of the layout,
as far as scenery and details go.

Thanks for looking.


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