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 Posted: Sun Jul 25th, 2021 02:57 pm
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Geoff L


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Seemingly, problem is with a Tx2 transmitter,
with erratic response to centre-off speed control.

Grounding pins-3&4 made some improvement,
grounding pin-7 didn’t.

Various calibrations have been tried.

Loco control is fine in one direction,
but it maintains initial setting in the other.
ie. speed at where knob is turned to at take up,
with no acceleration/deceleration, and stops at centre-off.

Initially it kept going, before grounding pins-3&4.

The Rx. responds correctly to another Tx. of similar construction,
and another Rx. responds similarly to the errant controller.

Changing the pot has made no difference.

The LED on the Rx. behaves peculiarly.

It goes out as the speed control is moved,
but goes solid at centre position.

It would seem that transmission is lost when speed is applied,
although loco is partially controllable in this condition.

Difficult to see, as Rx. is beneath board feeding track,
and I can’t see the loco and Rx. at the same time.

Only motor control and 'Selecta' are connected.

I should be grateful for any suggestions,
as to what else I might look at to resolve this problem.


The on/off switch LED contact has been damaged.
Is there an alternative location it could be fitted, please ?

Thanks in anticipation,


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