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 Posted: Thu Jul 29th, 2021 08:10 am
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Hi Giles  :wave:

Your photo of Bosham harbour, is an inspiration for sure !  :thumb:

I guess you can't take credit for the photography though ...  L:
... if you're next to the van, buying the ice creams ?
Then I thought, wait a minute, this is Giles we're talking about !  :brill:
He's probably got a radio-controlled model boat, with camera on it !!

There are some very tell tale ripples in the Bosham harbour water ...
... better get back FAST ! ... They could be from a surfacing U-Boat !  :shocked:

An absolutely timeless image ... Well, almost ...
... the only thing that's changed since I was there, are the Minis !

:java: :cool:



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