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 Posted: Mon Sep 6th, 2021 06:54 pm
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David Laughery wrote: 
I am curious about the HO narrow gauge layout you are working on. 

Is it HOn30 using N-gauge track ? 


It's - like my main layout,
a device to watch + enjoy my numerous models. 

No fancy scenery (maybe later) no turntable + roundhouse,
no train order operations, no industries to switch. 

Basically a mainline with a rudimentary yard area to lay over trains,
and a few scenic accents to make it less boring. 

The background to the future N.G. layout is that I also - like you,
have been fascinated by those tiny critters (EGGER!) for fifty years. 

Frustrated by the lousy performance,
I have stored them in the most remote corners of my house. 

Now, with acceptably running models available, I want to give it a try.
And, as I have bought some HOn3 brass models in the last ten years. 

Plan was to add narrow gauge track to the main layout.
Abandoned the idea as mainline + trolley track is already enough.

So the N.G. layout will have US style HOn3 (11mm) on ground level,
and HOn2 (9mm) on higher ground, with trestles and truss bridges.

Want to operate anything that runs on 9mm there, old Egger locos,
new Bemo and Minitrains stuff, and a number of scratchbuilt oddities.

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