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 Posted: Mon Sep 13th, 2021 07:58 pm
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Next one... 

Resin body, pirated by 'Funaro & Camerlengo', from a brass model. 
A really perfect resin casting. 

What was less perfect are my painting skills.

Why did nobody remind me ?
Resin castings are supposed to be washed, so the paint will adhere.

Big mess...

Looked nice, but paint came of when pulling the masking tape. 
Washed the thing with Alcohol, then started at zero.

Benefit was I had learned how to apply masking tape in a smarter way.

Painted the front window area first in silver, then masked it,
painted the body yellow, then the side window area + roof silver.

This because I found it very hard to mask the yellow front sash,
when painting the front windows later

Quite happy now,
have an old new Halling Zuerich streetcar drive that fits nicely.   

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