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 Posted: Thu Sep 16th, 2021 11:53 am
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A question that worries me for a long time.

One of my first interurbans,
I casted - maybe 20 years ago ? - with resin from Micromark.
That was easy to work with and cheap, but was never finished,
and I stored the body somewhere out of sight.

Years later when I dug it out, it was a banana too !
It was bent upward in the middle.

Another, which I had finished, developed a light "sag" while on display.
This is slight only, and may occur on a prototype too.

Other models remained stable over decades. 

Maybe I got the mix wrong ? Maybe a bad charge ? we will never know.
However, all remain hard - none ever became soft.

But I think I never exposed any to the full heat of the sun.

A friend who is in automobile modeling, told me a trick to fix distorted models,
is to put them in hot water, then bend them into shape.

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