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 Posted: Thu Sep 16th, 2021 01:28 pm
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I tried straightening a model years ago in hot water,
and it worked out very well until the next hot day.

When I think of the old 1950s Tri-ang models I had years ago,
they are still around, although maybe starting to get brittle,
but they have lasted well.

As for todays plastic models that are very finely detailed and super light,
time will tell how long they will last, I don't think they will last 50 years.

As for the old 1970s resin models, there are still many of them around,
probably on shelves or in boxes, as some Aussie models weren't finely detailed,
and they were so heavy, but they are still around in large numbers.

At this point in my life, if they last another twenty years they will out do me,
maybe I should start a contest to see what lasts the longest. Haha.

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