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 Posted: Sat Sep 25th, 2021 09:48 am
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Some of you may have noticed the many - nice and cheap -
trolleys, railcars and locomotives, produced by 'Atlas' of China. 

For some reason, mostly French, German, and other prototypes.

Have weakened on several of those, a big NH motor, some trolleys,
and now the French 'Pauline' railcar. 

In reality, it looks even better than in the advertising...
Especially like the rivet detail (Yes, the rivets are oversize).

Immediately checked how to motorize it.

Original trucks are flimsy and short wheelbase,
nothing that comes close in my inventory. 

Came to my mind that I have a Suydam PCC drive left over,
when I converted the PCC to a modern underfloor drive.

This is a sturdy drive, with rather small wheels.
Should do.

Have laid Pauline and PCC floor next to each other.

Found that it is more prudent,
to put the Suydam trucks under the Pauline floor,
than to adapt the complete Suydam drive to the new body. 

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