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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2021 04:16 am
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Chuck Walters


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I too am a new Member and model in HO, HOn3 and HOn30.

I have been modeling since about 1954, with some Marklin HO stock.
Since about the mid sixties, I have been modeling in HOn30, and HOe.

I am into mining, logging and military modeling.

I model the mid fifties, and have a military proving grounds,
to allow me to have WW2 and immediately after equipment.

I am trying to convert some HO locos into functional HO armored trains.

I also have HO, HOn3 and HOn30 cog equipment.

I live in Silverdale Washington, where I have lived for 3 years.

I moved from Kirkland Washington,
where I had an around the room layout, with 55ft of HO/HOn30 track.

I don't have a layout at my new location yet,
since I have had some problems since I moved in.

Looking forward to "talking" to folks on Freerails.

Chuck Walters

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