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 Posted: Thu Sep 30th, 2021 07:34 am
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Kitbash0n30 wrote:
That brings to mind a book purchased back in June

Think this is a book worth reading....

Re .'Pauline'.... 

Somehow the body sits rather high.
Something I cant change without considerable butchering.

According to suggestions of a Friend,
I have added steps for passenger compartment door and baggage door,
as there are no raised platforms in those forlorn parts of the world,
where Pauline will spend her working days.

Then, as I am very happy with my hotrod V8 powered HOn3 gas electric,
I removed the tiny muffler, and added pipes in Straight Eight configuration. 

Open pipes save lives !
No more crossing accidents on the California Pacific branches !

New trick I found when doing those steps...

Drilled the frame and inserted 1mm brass rod,
then drilled holes the same distance in my expired social security card,
and cut strips from it.

Material is virtually unbreakable and easy to cut and drill.

Wonder if I will get paint to adhere to it !

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