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 Posted: Sat Oct 30th, 2021 09:42 pm
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Mike Lee

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Thank you for letting me join Freerails.

I have been browsing Freerails for a good few years,
it's nice now, that I will be able to participate.

I have a large collection of stock in a lot of different scales.

Starting at the largest scale, for Narrow Gauge, I have stock for
Gn15 (British), 1:35 (British), Oe (French), On16.5 (British) and On30 (American).
For Standard Gauge, I have O Gauge (British), OO (British) & HO (French & American).

I have two exhibition layouts which have attended quite a number of shows,
a French Narrow Gauge layout in Oe, 'Emley-sous-Bois',
and a British Standard Gauge OO layout, 'Emley Lane'.

I also have a small 'Railway Room' with an un-decorated 16.5mm oval track,
which enables me to run my Gn15, 1:35, Oe, On16.5, On30, OO and HO stock,
everything but O Gauge.

I am a member of a large number of Model Railway web sites, and also a member of,
the 'Gauge O' Guild, the French Railway Society, and the 7mm N.G. Association.

Mike Lee

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