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 Posted: Sat Dec 4th, 2021 05:53 pm
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" Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me page,

so he can get the latest version of an Abacus. "

Hi Peter

Thanks for your funding suggestion !

I managed to find the $0.99c for a new pocket calculator OK.


I'm still working on the other $99.01c though.

For :-

Blown-up computer power supply

Printer ink & paper

Optical discs

Memory cards

Replacement cables



Internet access account

Site hosting

Equipment depreciation

Technology modernization

Can of baked beans


etc.  etc.  etc.


The new pocket calculator is an upgraded model.

It has a newfangled LCD screen unlike my old LED model.

So I'm paying out way less on batteries than before.

:!: stats. for the past few Octobers.

Number of Page views :-

   481,438   October   2016

   571,806   October   2017

   660,440   October   2018

   576,748   October   2019

   932,737   October   2020

1,071,748   October   2021



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