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 Posted: Wed Jan 12th, 2022 09:48 pm
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I tried to search for any answers to my question, but came up empty.  
Is there a section for experiences with online vendors ? 

I have to get nearly everything online, as the nearest local stores aren't so local,
and the one that is in my hometown told me 3 years ago,
he doesn't carry any scratchbuilding supplies, because "Nobody does that anymore"

Specifically I am looking for anyone with recent experiences with ...  aka  

Both sites have same physical address and phone numbers at the bottom,
but different product lists.

An email to the first site with a product question has gone unanswered,
but the "contact us" form had a phrase to the effect: 
"Don't expect us to get back to you soon, be patient"

Their telephone recording says,
you can talk to them live 3 days a week for 4 hours each day,
but they might have stepped out, so leave a message...

I read a ways back that the company has a history of new owners, etc,
but I thought they were finally reopened for business. 
However, I am not sure I want to deal with a concern,
that isn't easy to communicate with. 

I see some of their products I am interested in for sale by eBay sellers,
but the shipping eBay sellers are asking is outrageous for tiny parts like this.

For reference to how online can be done:
I have ordered several times from Tichy Train Group,
each time my orders came quickly, at extremely reasonable rates, US Mail. 
Several emails were answered within 24 hours,
a phone call during business hours was picked up by a living, breathing, human.

Mark from Illinois
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