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 Posted: Wed Jan 12th, 2022 11:00 pm
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Thanks for the feedback.
Great to hear of your success with the printer.

I have SolidWorks each year for free thru the EAA, (EAA dues are only $40).
Haven't used it much lately, used it for other off topic projects, never for modeling,
so maybe I'll give 3D-printing a go, as I have some appropriate software.

One of my nephews 3D-scans stuff regularly, with a phone app.
but he has an expensive phone, too.

The public library in my daughter's town,
supposedly has 3D-printers for patrons to use,
you just pay a little for the plastic.

Last year I was looking into 3D-printing classes at my local community college,
that's where I learned SW several years ago.

In my state, tuition and fees were halved for me,
after I broke through the 3 score birthday barrier.

However, having survived this nasty bug once already (I got it after my 2 jabs !),
it has me cooled a bit on another class, at least until things settle.

The figures are what especially appeals to me, I am trying to model in On30.
It seems available O scale figures are all too pricey for my wallet,
nice ones start at $5 a pop and all the really nice ones are $9-10.

Cheap ones look like blobs.

I tried some 1:50 figures that seemed reasonable, but they are too small.
What I don't understand is, that going to other scales,
real nice figures are much more reasonable, especially the 1:35 military figures.

Do you want to post some pictures of your work ?

Mark from Illinois
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