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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2022 02:14 pm
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Gerold, thanks for the reply. 

It's encouraging to know it can be done,
and your guard fence is taken under advisement. 

In short, my locos will be small and trains also short.
I am doing this all on the cheap as I can. 

As far as trains right now,
I snagged a Bachmann Hawthorn Village 2-6-0 passenger coach set
in bright red and McDonald's logos, 3 years back for $38

I'm practicing with Badger primers and inexpensive craft paints,
trying to hide the history of the loco. 

Before re-painting the coaches,  I intend to shorten them,
after I watched a youtube of someone who did a nice job of it,
it was the guy who posted the U shaped track plans. 

As for freight cars, all be on the shorter side of things,
averaging around 20 scale feet. 

I want a logging and mining inspired layout,
as those cars and structures are of greatest interest to me.

I am currently trying to model an 18' boxcar. 
However, scale-looking inexpensive arch bar trucks have me stymied,
but last night I think I may have found a possible solution.

Mark from Illinois
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